Friday, July 15, 2011

Songs for Egoiste Tour

Which Excludes You
Goodnight Jennifer
Whiskey Song
Easy Way To Cry
Porcelain Doll
Needle Will Bite
Guadalupe Cries
Sorry My Dear
Any Other Bar
While Escanaba Rests
Tomorrow We'll Know Why
Should've Stuck with Cotton
Searched The Wagon
Don't Wake My Woman
Carry On
Death of St.Thomas
When Echo Marked Her Prints
Letters to Douglaston
Poor Sweet April
Tied To The Bedpost
Jungle Gym Jock (J.Ditmore)
Thrown Back Hair
For All That I've Done Wrong
When You Were Young
A Quarter to Ten
Language Deafened Tone
Be Well
Blame it on Reno
Young, Not Rotten
Prison of Air (M.Nurse)
Black Nighty
Room of Pale Colors
Duct Tape Ladder
Chicago, I Love You...
When You Close Your Eyes
Red Leggings Aside
A Friend Like Neil

Let me know any requests and i'll try to learn it for you. If I can read my own handwriting...

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