Friday, September 23, 2011

Dear Mr.Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen,

I once doubted your talent, yet somehow you've have quickly become a favorite of mine. As my apology (and your birthday present), I'd like to extend a few gifts for you on your 62nd birthday. My presents are as follows: I will sing on your next record with you. You can record any of my songs and call them your own. HIS EGO will open for you, and you can maybe guest sing on our upcoming record.

Thanks for your influence, and for showing people that the folk format doesn't always have to be easy-listening elevator music.

Happy Birthday, and you're welcome for the selfless gifts that you just received from me on this lovely Friday.

By the way, I'll also let you perform one song at my set at CMJ. It's at Sullivan Hall in NYC on the 22nd of October. Only one song though. I've heard that you kind of hog the mic.

- Tom

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