Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tom Schraeder - thrown back hair

Thrown Back Hair
E - F#m-Abm-F#m

Won't you dance,
upon the carpet
so your heels can't respond
to the floor we dance upon.

a broken stare,
with thrown back hair
won't you take this chance?
take this chance,
my love, my dear,
you're everything to me.
my love, my dear,
you're beautiful to me.

won't you drink my wine,
and pardon the sun.

my dear...

won't you dance,
like no one is watching.
let my hand find,
its place to hide.
with a broken stare,
and your thrown back hair
won't you take this chance?
take this chance.
drink my wine and pardon the sun.
my love, my dear,
I want more than this.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011


Watch "When did voice become a crime?" on YouTube

'When did voice become a crime?'

(Verse 1)
                 D                        Bm
When did voice become a crime?  
Where's this freedom you speak
                       D             F#m
When did an eye for an eye,
Bm                       A
Turn to blood on blood?
       G                 D     
My country has failed me,
      G                   D
and I won't fail it back.
       G                D
Our country has failed us,
              G               A
And we can't fail it back.

(Chorus 1x)
           Bm              G           
We're Waiting for Someday,
             D                       A
even if someday never comes.
              Bm                    G
We'll be waiting for some day,
              D                      A         Bb
Even if someday never comes

(Verse 2)
              D           F#m        Bm
When a father's daughter weeps
from sheild,
        G                 D              
Her country has failed her,
G           D               A
and we can't fail it back.


Now we're bleeding for your
      D            G
To end our countries cries,
But when your past seeks
          D                          G              you'll see that we were right.

(Chrous 2x)

G D F#m Bm A
G A F#m Bm A D

Monday, November 7, 2011

My Twitter Discussion w/ The White House

I've posted my twitter discussion with White House spokesperson Jon Carson. Please tweet any of the demand as well.

"TomSchraeder: @JonCarson44 We stepped up for you, now step up for us. No more police brutality @OccupyWallSt & listen to our demands! #OWS #aMERICA99%"

"JonCarson44: @TomSchraeder could you list out your demands for Occupy Wall Street?"

"TomSchraeder: @JonCarson44 These demands were selected by select protests around the US. I'm not a spokesperson, just a concerned American."

"TomSchraeder: @JonCarson44 1. PASS HR 1489 REINSTATING GLASS-STEAGALL. Seperate commercial lending & investment banking portions of banks. #OWS"

"TomSchraeder: @JonCarson44 2. Overturn Citizens United v. US - $ is NOT speech & Corporations should NOT be allowed to give unlimited $ to campaigns. #OWS"

"TomSchraeder: @JonCarson44 3. Investigate/Prosecute Wall St. Criminals & assist owners of foreclosed mortgages who were victims of predatory lending. #OWS"

"TomSchraeder: @JonCarson44 4. If you can bailout almost $18T with little to no interest to the banks - you can forgive the $946B in Student Debt. #OWS"

"TomSchraeder: @JonCarson44 5. PASS THE BUFFET RULE ON FAIR TAXATION. Close corporate tax loopholes & prohibit hiding funds offshore. #OWS"

"TomSchraeder: @JonCarson44 6. Limit the influence of Lobbyists & eliminate Lobbyists writing legislation. #OWS"

"TomSchraeder: @JonCarson44 7. REPEAL BUSH TAX CUTS FOR THE WEALTHY! #OWS"

"TomSchraeder: @JonCarson44 8. Set a timetable for lowering Medicare eligibility to age 0 by 2020. All Americans deserve quality medical attention. #OWS"

"TomSchraeder: @JonCarson44 9. ABORT KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE PROJECT! Offset the environmental impact through mandatory reductions in US coal mining. #OWS"

"TomSchraeder: @JonCarson44 10. Elimimate the right of former government regulators to work for corporations or industries they once regulated. #OWS"

"TomSchraeder: @JonCarson44 11. Insist the FEC stand up for Public interest in regulating private use of public airwaves."

"TomSchraeder: @JonCarson44 These demands were selected by select protests around the US. I'm not a spokesperson, just a concerned American."

"TomSchraeder: @JonCarson44 The only thing worse than a crooked politician, is a silent one. stop the violence - we demand in peace. #OWS #aMERICA99%"

"JonCarson44: @TomSchraeder thanks for the support Tom!"

"TomSchraeder: "@JonCarson44: @TomSchraeder thanks for the support Tom!" Thank you Jon. I'd imagine this discussion is far from over. Who will read these?"

"JonCarson44: @TomSchraeder will take a look, thanks Tom"

"TomSchraeder: @JonCarson44 I sent you the demands that you asked for. Thanks for asking & I'd appreciate a response/update for each demand. #aMERICA99%"

"TomSchraeder: @JonCarson44 Obama's 32% approval rating needs the 99%. I'm willing to fly & further discuss these demands. I expect answers/change. Thanks."