Wednesday, May 23, 2012

48 hrs until the Prom!

Share this cut! 'When Language Deafened Tone' Produced by Pretty Good Dance Moves Cover art by Stephanie Bassos Bow-tie Photo by Heather Parkin

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

'My Cut' of the Day - When Language Deafened Tone

'When Language Deafened Tone'

Killer Mike

Killer Mike - Don't Die 


'BLK JKS' played my SXSW party a couple of years back and I'm really into what they have been doing recently. Check out this video for their cut 'Molalatladi'.

BLK JKS - Molalatladi

Richard Swift - Lady Lucky

Richard Swift - Lady Luck

Secretly Canadian owners Ben and Chris are really making a large imprint on the music industry and with discoveries like Swift you can see what kind of an ear they have. This has been a favorite cut of mine for a couple of years now and I highly recommend further investigating in his catalogue and other artists from Secretly Canadian/Jagjaguwar. Meet Richard...

For more information on Richard visit:

Monday, May 14, 2012

Dana Falconberry - Petoskey Stone

Dana Falconberry is one of my favorite songwriters around and  I highly recommend checking more of her work out.

photo by Sierra DaSilva

More info on Dana -

TS/PGDM - Tied To The Bedpost

Egoiste - Tied to The Bedpost

Produced by 'Pretty Good Dance Moves'

Photography by Stephanie Bassos

Township Records

More nasally ass songs 

Cut(s) of the Day - Twin Shadow

"When We We're Dancing"

"Castles In The Snow"

For more info on Twin Shadow go to 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Share "The Worlds Not Over" to help Bulls pain...

Dear Chicago, 

In honor of the 2012 Chicago Bulls and their fans - 'His Ego' and 'Natureal' would like you to listen/share our new genre bending EP that won't be released until fall. This record primarily focused on bringing a new sound to hip hop while exploring Chicago and it's vast obsession with diversity. I'm was in LA and heartbroken over the Bulls loss to the sixers and then I realized -  We're all kids from the Jordan era - we prevail better the following year until progress becomes dynasty. So now that the bro in me vented on this blog, like a 14 year old girl wearing accessories from Claires. I say we together get through this Chicago. Share this song to each of the biggest Bulls fans you know and tell them that "it's alright to dance." Only mildly kidding - Chicago, I love you...

Natureal *featuring His Ego - 'The Worlds Not Over' by Natureal

Recommended Show of Night - Dastardly @ SUBT

Dastardly - the hybrid of Andy Kaufman, Roy Orbison, Neutral Milk Hotel, and too much whiskey. I recommend this show tonight at SubT with the The Shams band. If you can't make it - share the video!

 Dastardly - Fever

Justin Parris - It's Okay Girl

Justin inspires greatly as a man and an artist - he's a true spirit. I recommend a diet of coffee and mushrooms while listening to his music, watching his plays, or reading his short stories. In fact, just visit him in Portland to get the overall artist that makes Justin Parris so unique and real. This is available as a download or on cassette. Meet Justin...

Check out! The Minimal Beat: [RADIO] THE MINIMAL BEAT 05.05.2012

The Minimal Beat did a tribute to Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys with a guest dj set by Sam Roberts Band on hour 2. Check it out...

The Minimal Beat: [RADIO] THE MINIMAL BEAT 05.05.2012: ARTIST / TRACK / ALBUM Tribute to Adam Yauch MCA Beastie Boys / B For My Name / The Mix Up Beastie Boys / Paul Revere / Licensed To Ill ...

Ex-Cops - The Millionaire

Maybe one of my favorite songs to be written in the last couple of years -

For more information of Ex-Cops go here:

Smith - Baby Its You

'B-side' cut -

The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon

cut of the day -

Monday, May 7, 2012

Be Well & Egoiste Prom Tickets!!

In anticipation for "Egoiste Prom" on May 25, 2012 - I ask all of you to share this track. The "Prom" has less than 100 (pre-sale only) tickets left and we highly recommend purchasing your tickets before the facebook/email list goes out tomorrow at noon! Thanks for your support and Chicago,  I miss you...

Bailiff - Everyday Fire (HearYA Session)

Here's a great "HearYa Live Session" featuring Bailiff - there's no need to say anymore...

White Mystery NEW VIDEO!

White Mystery - Rapid Overdrive

'Rapid Overdrive' is the latest video from White Mystery but for further information and merch on this Chicago duo go to

Friday, May 4, 2012

Offering Derek Rose Withdrawals here...

Want to get the D. ROSE withdrawals? Watch this video (on MUTE)...

An hour away until Game 2 tip off and currently loving the Pixies again.

Father John Misty

Thanks to DJ Billeh Ocean @ the Minimal Beat. Meet 'Father John Misty' and listen/watch this video for "Nancy From Now On" - I can't stop listening to this cut. Be sure to share the love.

Justin Townes Earle

Justin Townes Earle - Midnight at the Movies 

I've played Justin Townes Earle (Bloodshot Records) a few times now and my favorite set by him was at my SXSW party in 09.  He was on tour in support of this record and he's grown even more since.  He's a legit songwriter who continues to add a bit more depth than most folkies.  Side note to all songwriters: if you're not adding Westerberg to your influences and sound,  you're probably not that good. That being said - check out his Replacements cover on this same record as well.
My cut of the day - 'GUSH' by 'GUSH' was the first call and response between Tom Schraeder, Matt Nurse, and Stephanie Lee. Recorded in 3 hours it focuses on tracking our energy opposed to re-creating contrived musical expression that kills pure art. The title is in honor of a great human spirit, my uncle Gush, but creating this EP became much more to us than imagined. We continued to make dinner on Tuesdays and create material from here on out. There are many distractions in our life, but it's those who recognize it and fight it with pure energy. A great friend told me to "Free Your Mind", I have -- Have you?
Album art by Mike Greenberg of the 'Black Ladder Artists Coalition' in Chicago.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Informed Consent: TOM SCHRAEDER & HIS EGO

You are invited to participate in an experiment about the effects of full spectrum art and music on an individual. This study is being conducted by Tom Schraeder & His Ego. You are invited to participate in this experiment because you have shown interest in being part of the musical experience that is Tom Schraeder. Participation in this study is voluntary. Participants are likely to experience the same irritations as a straight up "Panic Attack". You dig us? After the survery, the participant is asked to email with the exact times that these irritations occured. All participants will then recieve the latest Tom Schraeder single from Township Records. Lastly, a 92 minute nap is recommended to all of those brave enough to participate.
Your signature on this consent form indicates your agreement to participate in the recreation of one's Panic Attack. I have read the consent form and all of my questions about the study have been answered. I agree to participate in this experiment.

Print name: _____________________________________________
Signature: ______________________________________________
Date: _______________________

Panic Disorder -
All rights reserved to Tom Schraeder courtesy of Township Records and Angry Mob publishing. "Panic Disorder" was engineered, produced, and performed by Tom Schraeder in hopes of recreating his battle with anxiety. "Panic Disorder" was written by Tom Schraeder except for "Jungle Gym Jock" which was written by Jake Ditmore. Album photography by Heather Parkin and cover art by Amanda Porras.