Thursday, June 28, 2012

Allout Shelter - UVPZ - 8:30 - 7.1

Allout Shelter was created to transcend genre as a polite "fuck you" to the entire music industry. After being in many projects where the focus hasn't been on the art - Brian Fox and I we're ready to make something new. As 90's children with dreams of being as successful as Kurt Cobain, Tupac, Eddie Vedder, & other iconic figures of that era -- our dreams as adults are no longer based upon success. We believe in continously growing as artists, with other artists who we'd like to surround ourselves with. Allout Shelter shouldn't be thought of as a band, but more as an expansive art collective based upon individual songs with all "egos" aside. Since beginning in mid April  we're finishing up an untitled LP to be released this fall. west coast tour and throwing a prom -- we're excited to host 'The Ultra Violet Petting Zoo' this Sunday July 1. This is obviously boasting, but this is how we look at our work. We enjoy what we're doing as artists, as adults, and as friends who are living our childhood dreams of making music with friends.

Don't feed the animals,

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'On Warmer Music' - UVPZ Preview

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

White Mystery - 8:30 @ UVPZ

8:30PM - UVPZ - 7.1

White Mystery is the Chicago rockn’roll duo named an MTV Hive Top Sibling Act and Best Video Premiere, Top 10 National Album by the Austin Chronicle, and ranked in Guitar World's 10 Female Guitarists You Should Know. Miss Alex White and Francis Scott Key White are described as "raw," "high-energy," and "buzzing" for their high energy shows. Look for new releases, videos, and shows to come here.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cut of the day...

Guidelines and Bylaws for 'Cut of the Day' for you to all use in your day to day lives. Text one another and spread your favorite cut of the day. A longtime friend of mine, (Anthony Perea) whose music taste I very much agree with, will be starting to come on board to the blog. Anthony will be one of many writers joining me - yes that means a lot less misspelled words from my old ass phone. Anyways, here they are...

COTD - Cut of the Day
COTE - Cut of the Evening
WOCTD - Worst Cut of the Day
ATC - All-time Cut
ATR - All-time Record
GPC - Guilty Pleasure Cut
BC - Boss Cut

Thanks and enjoy. Check back for mine and Anthony's cuts, we'll be looming forward to Herrington yours as well. Until then I'll br announcing  the Ultra-Violet Petting Zoo details tomorrow.

Be Well,