Sunday, July 22, 2012

COTD - Willis Earl Beal - Evening's Kiss

Willis Earl Beal 

While gearing up to track at Pieholden Studios in Chicago - I heard about a new prodigy artist who legendary Chicago producer Matt Dewyne was working with. Later that night, randomly,  I went with Billeh Ocean of "The Minimal Beat" and Casey Meehan of "Chicago Mixtape" to see Willis Earl Beal at Cole's and left thoroughly impressed. "Acousmatic Sorcery" (XL Recordings/Hot Charity) offers a youthful honesty with a knack for twisted word play. Tracked by Willis himself, there's a bedroom comfort/honesty to each track of alleyway bedroom soul. With my anticipation being too great for his follow up record -- Dewyne and company kept details quite close to their chest but 4 months later and "Evening's Kiss" is still my "cut of the day' -- it shows he's definitely more than a blog band. 

photo Michael Boyd

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