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First Artist Announcement // Chicago, I love you...

Chicago, I love you...
September 1 - 30, 2012
Lilly's 2515 N. Lincoln Ave
30-days of Free Art to unite a segregated city...

  9.1 - Tom Schraeder / Stoop Goodnoise
  9.2 - DJ Pat Sansone (Wilco)
  9.3 - 92 Tales / Bailout Pictures / Y La Bamba (dj set from Portland) 
  9.4 - Songwriters in the Round featuring: Derek Nelson / Julie Meckler / Gia Margaret
  9.5 - Nick Broste Trio / Corbin Andricks 
  9.6 - Comedy Night: Danny Kallas / Kenny DeForest / Adam Burke / Natalie Joe / Jason Folks
          musical guest - The Microphone Misfits
  9.7 - Grandkids / The Kickback / Audience
  9.8 - Sarah Holtschlag and The Crosscuts / Istavan & His Imaginary Band
  9.9 - DJ Mark Panic 
9.10 - Windy City Story Slam w/ Alex Bonner
9.13 - Mike Levowitz / Megan Gailey / Jamie Campbell / Liza Treger / Stan Morrow / Jason Folks
9.14 - Moritat / Ami Saraiya and The Outcome / Gabe Lebowitz (Dastardly)
9.15 - ZiPS / The Canoes / Nick Miller and The Neighbors / Edgars Legzdins  (Plane)
9.16 - Ronnie Kwasman (Margot and The Nuclear So and So's)
9.20 - Joe Fernandez / Anthony McBrien / Matt Riggs / Charlie Bury / Jason Folks
            musical guests - Natureal / Weeping Willows
9.21 - Bears of Blue River / Will Phalen
9.22 - When Clouds Attack / Rego / Moxie Motive / For All The Sweet Chidren 
9.24 - Tribute to Letterblue Productions featuring Act Naturally / Tom Schraeder / Q and A's 
9.25 - Jeremy David Miller / Rambos
9.27 - James Fritz / Caitlin Bergh / Bob Palos / Joe McAdams / Jason Folks
            musical guest -  Kellispell
9.28 - Glass Lux / Glad Fanny / Volcanoes Make Islands 
9.29 - ego?
9.30 - ego?

*Artists/photographers that were hand picked by Black Cloud Gallery will be announced August 20 followed by the second announcement of music, film, and literature to be released on August 25.

"Chicago, I love you..." (DEMO)

Chicago, I love you is a 30-day, free festival celebrating Chicago's art, photography, film, literature, comedy, music and much more. Each night will showcase various genres of art, featuring panel discussions each Saturday, screenings of international award winning films, stand up comedy, and performance and visual art from more than 300 local/native artists. In Chicago, all art scenes maintain great vibrancy and globally recognized independent expression. However, very few local events highlight many of these local artists genres at one time, and in one place. In providing an opportunity for networking and platform for performance, Chicago, I love you intends to fuel a locals arts renaissance and some well-deserved recognition. 

Chicago has always been an American center for the arts, but music in particular is synonymous with Chicago's creative output. In many respects, Chicago is the birthplace for electric blues, some jazz, some rock and roll, house music, not to mention being well represented as innovators on the hip-hop and alt-country world stage. Touring acts come through Chicago for our music-hungry crowds and to pay their respects to our rich and eclectic arts history. But in some aspects this can work against the local music and art scene—leaving them as an afterthought to regional bookers, promoters, festival organizers, etc. Chicago, I love you intends to turn this situation around, coalescing and cross pollinating the arts scene to form a unified front.

Five years ago, a great scene was developed at Lilly's on Chicago's historic Lincoln Ave. Lilly's, 2512 North Lincoln Avenue, has been fully renovated in recent years so, luckily for us, Chicago, I love you is bringing the scene home to the bar that has given many local artists a start for the last 31 years. Chicago has one of the most unique arts communities in the country, if not the world. Our goal is to help inspire local artists to share their talents and grow as an entire scene, rather than as individual artists. Chicago, I love you offers 30 days a year where Chicago art, comedy, literature, film, and music fans can see it happen all at once, in one historic place, for free! Stay tuned for further details.

Chicago, we love you...

Tom Schraeder / NRG Ensemble featuring Mars Williams (Liquid Soul/Psychedelic Furs) / Pat Sansone (Wilco) / Brighton, Ma / Amy Saraiya and The Outcome / Moritat / Jeremy David Miller Nick Miller and The Neighbors / ZiPS Sleepy Kitty / Gia Margaret / Natureal / Glass Lux / Microphone Misfitz / Matt Ammerman / Rambos / The Kickback / Little Light / Edgars Legzdins (Plane) / Rego / Gabe Lebowitz / For All The Sweet Children / Audience / David Singer / Grandkids / The Canoes / Sarah Holtschlag and The Crosscuts / Kellispell / Bears of Blue River / Volcanoes Make Islands / Julie Meckler / Istavan and His Imaginary Band / Shelley Miller and The BCC's / Glad Fanny / His Ego / Nick Broste Trio / Will Phalen / Corbin Andricks /1991 / Y La Bamba / Bob Rok / Weeping Willows / Matthew Kerstin / Moxie Motive / Jonny Rumble / When Clouds Attack / Stoop Goodnoise / Derek Nelson / ~ Comedians Jason Folks / Alex Sherman / Danny Kallas / Adam Burke / James Fritz / Seth Martin / Natalie Jose / Joe Kwaczala / Megan Gailey / Putterbaugh Sisters / Bob Palos / Joe McAdams /Stan Morrow / Matt Riggs / Charlie Bury / Joe Fernandez / Anthony McBrien / Caitlin Bergh / Liza Trager / Alex Sherman / Jacob Williams ~ Films ~ 92 Tales / Bailout Pictures /Letterblue Productions / Act Naturally / Big Dog Eat Child / Herman Asph / J.P. Riley / Felix Pineiro / Windy City Story Slam Writers / Alex Bonner / Isidro Hurtado / This Camera is a Weapon 

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