Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chicago, "The Finale" Announcements...

Chicago, I love you...The Finale 

This entire festival has been a something beyond what I originally intended it being. I'm honored that each artist has been involved in bringing this to life and I'm happy to announce that we will be doing this again next year. With the thirty-days coming to an end, we felt it would only be appropriate to do something large. So here it is - Let's end this festival in the right way with too much art, food, and obviously amazing craft beers. You've brought a  dream to life and now get ready for "The Finale"...More announcements to come.

Friday, Sept 28

12:30AM / Bob Rok
11:30PM / Volcanoes Make Islands

10:30PM / Glass Lux
  9:30PM / Dharma Monkey Soundlabs
  8:30PM / Glad Fanny

Saturday, Sept 29

12:45PM / The Wires
12:15PM / Tom Schraeder
11:30PM / Jennifer Hall
10:45PM / The Shams Band
10:00PM / Canoes
  9:15PM / Umbra and The Vulcan Siege
  8:30PM / Shelley Miller and The Bcc's
  7:30PM / Jonny Rumble
  6:45PM / Deanna Devore
  6:00PM / Distant Cities
  5:00PM / ZiPS
  4:00PM / TBA
  2:00PM / Cynthia Plastercaster Documentary

Sunday, September 30

  5:00PM / Artists Meet and Greet
  7:00PM / The Go Down
  8:00PM / TBA
  9:00PM / Provinces
10:00PM / Magicks
11:00PM / Penthouse Suites
12:00PM / All Artist Hootenanny

Saturday's Dinner will be provided by Harolds Chicken
Sunday food will be provided for the artists by Tom Schraeder
Event Sound // Brian Tepps and Dave Lugo of Million Yen Studios
Event Photographer // Ross Bacon
Event Film Crew and Marketing // Isidro Hurtado (Reakt) Productions
Film Portion // Bailout Pictures
Live Art by Greta White // Audberto Valdez // Artorium
Featured Artists // Brittany Steiner // Audberto Valdez // Greta White // Ian Mitchell Wallace // Matt Maniscalco
Sponsors // The Pritzker Family // REAKT // Black Cloud Art Gallery // Bailout Productions // Do312 // Fortuna // Andy's Music // Harolds Chicken // LaVilla Pizzeria // Jades East //

With art from the entire festival featuring Black Cloud Art Gallery, Fortuna, Artorium, Herman Asph, Katie Schlitter, Brittany Steiner.

From Chicago with Love: MIX 1

Cochise Soulstar / StarGazer 
Grandkids / Ethylene 
ZiPS / We Go (Til The End Of The Day) 
Allout Shelter / Elizabeth (Prey of a Stronger Mind) 
Bob Rok / 5:59 
Brighton, MA / Sweet Delusions 
Will Phalen / Not Free 
Moxie Motive / Chariots 
Glass Lux / I'm a Machine 
Audiences / Ghosts 
The Bears of Blue River / Cry Baby 
Ty Maxon / Waking Up The Dead 
Clip Art / Pains of the Young 
The Kickback / Violently Carsick 
Natureal / The World's Not Over 
Magicks / Stars Are Blind 
Moritat / I Forgot to Kiss Her 
Tom Schraeder / Chicago, I love you (Demo)

From Chicago with Love: MIX 2

Nick Miller and The Neighbors // Raunch
The Canoes // TV's for Every Home
Microphone Misfitz // Ratrace Radio
Stoop Goodnoise // Spartacus
When Clouds Attack // Young Blood
The Shams Band // I'm Not Sorry
Dharma Monkey Soundlabs // You're Burning Bridges, Baby 1
West Saeed // Just the Beginning
Volcanoes Make Islands // Time to Run
Derek Nelson and The Musicians // Die, Darlin'
TL Williams // Customer Service
Little Light // Shutter Speed
Tom Schraeder // When Language Deafened Tone
Magicks // Let's Go Home
Dastardly // Blue Dream

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