Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 15 / Chicago Truly Loves Matt Roan, Cochise Soulstar, Edgars Legzdins, Little Light, and Nick Miller...

9.15 // Matt Roan // Cochise Soulstar // Edgars Legzdins (Plane) // Nick Miller and The Neighbors // Little Light

12:00 // DJ Matt Roan 
11:00 // Edgars Legzdins  (Plane) 

10:00 // Nick Miller and The Neighbors 

9:00 // Little Light
Artist feature: Brittany Steiner 

Brittany Steiner started drawing at the age of 2 and hasn't stopped since.  Steiner graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2008 with a BFA Art Direction and has been showing her work ever since. Her speciality is in mostly illustration, pencils and watercolor, acrylic, and ink on paper.

"My goal is to create a visually striking image, using beautiful imagery to capture the viewer. I am always thinking about how can I make my next work more visually stunning than the one before, and how detail-oriented can I challenge myself to get?. My work doesn't necessarily have this deep meaning behind it, it is just inspired by little bits of my life. I also like exploring lifestyles." - Brittany Steiner

Steiner will be displaying her series of drag queen oil paintings that are nothing short of stunning -- we're honored to have her apart of Chicago, I love you...

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