Monday, September 17, 2012

DAY 17 // Chicago loves Todd Tue, Provinces, 1991, and Skeyelab Recordings...

9.17 // Provinces //  1991 // Skeyelab (DJ Set) //  Filmmaker Todd Tue // Bailout Pictures // Sarah Marie Young and Saalik Ahmad Ziyad (early show) Black Cloud Art Gallery

Ian Mitchell Wallace / Black Cloud Art Gallery
10:30 // Provinces
Provinces is made up of four members: Brandon Seyferth (Vocals, Guitar) Christian Fields, (Bass, vocals) Matt Perich (Guitar, Vocals) and Aurelio Damiani (Drums). The band formed roughly six months ago and is comprised of former members of Skybox and Hot Heels Records.

9:30 //  1991 

11:30 // Skeyelab (DJ SET)

8:00 // Sarah Marie Young // Saalik Ahmad Ziyad 

Sarah Marie Young, a semifinalist of the Thelonius Monk International vocal competition is a rare treasure in this jazz scene. Sarah Marie Young is the recent recipient of 1st place in the Montreux Jazz Festival’s Shure Vocal Competition, beating out an international slate of nine other semi-finalists from across Europe and A
ustralia.. Currently, Young also serves as worship leader and choral director for Urban Village Church, Chicago. Establishing herself as a premier recording artist, Young just recorded her second album and first full length album, Is It A Color, and continues to build her blossoming career with her love of connecting with people through music.

Blessed with a smooth, buff baritone and a powerful artistic persona, Saalik Ahmad Ziyad can infuse a timeless ballad with just the right emotion and in the next breath, sail into a hard-bop anthem or modern jazz composition with equal conviction. Ziyad's unique style and voice ranges from jazz to classical and has afforded him the opportunity to perform worldwide, from the Sons D'hiver Jazz festival in Paris, France to the Umbria Jazz Festival in Italy. One of Saalik's crowning achievements was performing at the Made in Chicago Jazz Festival in Poznan, Poland at the world-renowned Blue Note Jazz Club.

7:30 // Featured Filmmaker: Todd Tue // Small Chicago Series

We'll also be showing more work from Bailout Pictures with art from Black Cloud Art Gallery

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