Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DAY 19 // Panel Discussion: DIY / Innovators // 8:30

Art by Adrien Grape of Stoop Goodnoise

DAY 19 // Chicago Loves Panels and Jazz

Day 19 of Chicago, I love you begins with a panel discussion hosted by Marcus Gilmer on the topic "Do It Yourself / Innovators" featuring Homaro Cantu, Kim Bellware, Justin Schwier, and Steve Gadlin. I've included a bio for each panelist and highly recommend coming by tonight. The panels will be followed up with Corbin Andrick's jazz series until close. Chicago, I somehow still love you - eleven days remain so support this local festival at Lilly's Bar - 2515 N. Lincoln Ave.

Homaro Cantu is an inventor, entrepreneur, chef, and molecular gastronomer. He owns and operates the Cantu Designs Firm in Chicago, Illinois, as well as Moto Restaurant  and ING. Chef Cantu graduated from Western Culinary Institute (now a Le Cordon Blue School). Shortly after graduating Cantu began working for free in nearly 50 top restaurants on the west coast of the United States. He moved to Chicago  in 1999 to work for world renowned Chef Charlie Trotter. After leaving Charlie Trotter's in 2004, he was unemployed for one year while waiting for his restaurant Moto to open. During this unemployment period, Cantu spent hundreds of hours researching new technologies that he would patent and eventually integrate into his new restaurant. Chef Cantu has been approached by numerous Fortune 500 companies to assist in creative ideation and product development.

Kim Bellware is an arts, culture and community news journalist, and is the Managing Editor of Chicago's only live weekly magazine, The Paper Machete. As a volunteer with 826CHI and CHIRP radio, she considers Chicago's community of thinkers and doers one of its biggest assets. Kim is a staunch believer in all things DIY, except when it comes to plumbing and dental work.  

Steve Gadlin is the founder of Blewt! LLC, creators of comedy to delight in confuse. In 2011, Steve appeared on the ABC's Shark Tank and secured an investment from Mark Cuban in his stick figure cat drawing company, I Want To Draw a Cat For You. He has since drawn thousands of cats for customers all over the world.

Justin Schwier has been a fixture of Chicago's music scene for well over a decade. His label Underground Communiqué Records has been covered in the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Reader, and more. He has worked to release over 60 albums in the last 9 years. All the while working in several different sections of the music industry:  distribution company warehouse manager, booking shows, and co-managing DIY venues, a former WLUW DJ, and a record store clerk at various spots across the city and suburbs. 

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