Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 2 - Chicago, I love you...

We had a great time at Crush Fest, but apparently that wasn't enough...Show #3 in two days here we come at the second day of Chicago, I love you.... Legendary Chicago drummer Russ Mallord and I will be playing and busted-ass djing all of our favorite Chicago Mixtape cuts from our ipods. Also a reminder - Pat Sansone has been moved to next Sunday 9.9 with Mark J. Panick. See you tonight and check back tomorrow for major updates to the festival. Also, Thanks to Black Cloud Art Gallery, Do312, LaVilla Pizza, Artorium, Fortuna, Reakt, The Pritzker family, and Lilly for allowing all of us artists to try this crazy idea out. It's getting quite fun and we truly do love you.

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