Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 20 // From Chicago with Love: Chicago, I love you...MIX 1

DAY 20 // Providing Gifts for the World: MIXTAPE 1

At a time where I should be losing my mind - I'm finding comfort listening to all of the bands who have been apart of bringing this festival to life. The fest has garnered quite a bit of attention here in Chicago and somehow overseas as well. With that being said, I'm sorry to those of you who can't attend the festival and I've compiled two mixes to better acquaint you with our music community. Here's the first mix and the second will be released Monday celebrating Act Naturally coming back home to Lilly's on 9.24.

Chicago, loves you...

Cochise Soulstar / StarGazer
Grandkids / Ethylene
ZiPS / We Go (Til The End Of The Day)
Allout Shelter / Elizabeth (Prey of a Stronger Mind)
Bob Rok / 5:59
Brighton, MA / Sweet Delusions
Will Phalen / Not Free
Moxie Motive / Chariots
Glass Lux / I'm a Machine
Audiences / Ghosts
Ty Maxon / Waking Up The Dead
Clip Art / Pains of the Young
The Kickback / Violently Carsick
Natureal / The World's Not Over
Magicks / Stars Are Blind
Moritat / I Forgot to Kiss Her
Tom Schraeder / Chicago, I love you (Demo)

photography by Ross Bacon
artwork provided by Black Cloud Art Gallery

Want to become more acquainted with the best music scene in the United States? I highly recommend visiting Chicago Mixtape to receive a new mix of Chicago music every Monday morning. It's the best thing that has happened to our scene in years and you should be apart of it. 

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