Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DAY 26 // From Chicago with Love: Chicago, I love you...MIX 2

DAY 26 // Chicago, I love you...MIX 2

Art by Brittany Steiner

Track Listing
The Canoes // TV's for Every Home 
Microphone Misfitz // Ratrace Radio 
Stoop Goodnoise // Spartacus 
When Clouds Attack // Young Blood 
The Shams Band // I'm Not Sorry 
Dharma Monkey Soundlabs // You're Burning Bridges, Baby 1 
West Saeed // Just the Beginning 
Volcanoes Make Islands // Time to Run 
TL Williams // Customer Service 
Little Light // Shutter Speed 
Tom Schraeder // When Language Deafened Tone 
Magicks // Let's Go Home 
Dastardly // Blue Dream
While listening to the mix - Go further look into Brittany Steiner and her work. She's a great artist who we're honored to have apart of this years festival. Corbin Andrick is hosting his jazz night to end the jazz series apart of Chicago, I love you tonight. See you there?

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