Sunday, September 30, 2012

DAY 30 // The Finale: Artist Meet and Greet

Chicago, I love you...Day 30

Art by Kelly Schlitter
The Finale: Part 3 / 
Artist Meet and Greet
   5:00PM / Doors Open
   7:00PM / The Go Down
   8:00PM / Darren and Sophie (Belmondos)
   9:00PM / Provinces
 10:00PM / Magicks

11:00PM / Penthouse Sweets
12:00PM / All Artist Hootenanny

All food will be provided for the artists by Tom Schraeder.
Event Sound // Brian Tepps and Dave Lugo of Million Yen Studios
Event Photographer // Ross Bacon
Event Film Crew and Marketing // Isidro Hurtado (Reakt) Productions
Film Portion // Bailout Pictures
Live Art by Greta White // Audberto Valdez // Artorium
Featured Artists // Brittany Steiner // Audberto Valdez // Greta White // Ian Mitchell Wallace // Matt Maniscalco
Sponsors // The Pritzker Family // REAKT // Black Cloud Art Gallery // Bailout Productions // Do312 // Fortuna // Andy's Music // Harolds Chicken // LaVilla Pizzeria // Jades East //

With art from the entire festival featuring Black Cloud Art Gallery, Fortuna, Artorium, Herman Asph, Katie Schlitter, Brittany Steiner.

From Chicago with Love: MIX 1

Cochise Soulstar / StarGazer 
Grandkids / Ethylene 
ZiPS / We Go (Til The End Of The Day) 
Allout Shelter / Elizabeth (Prey of a Stronger Mind) 
Bob Rok / 5:59 
Brighton, MA / Sweet Delusions 
Will Phalen / Not Free 
Moxie Motive / Chariots 
Glass Lux / I'm a Machine 
Audiences / Ghosts 
The Bears of Blue River / Cry Baby 
Ty Maxon / Waking Up The Dead 
Clip Art / Pains of the Young 
The Kickback / Violently Carsick 
Natureal / The World's Not Over 
Magicks / Stars Are Blind 
Moritat / I Forgot to Kiss Her 
Tom Schraeder / Chicago, I love you (Demo)

From Chicago with Love: MIX 2

Nick Miller and The Neighbors // Raunch
The Canoes // TV's for Every Home
Microphone Misfitz // Ratrace Radio
Stoop Goodnoise // Spartacus
When Clouds Attack // Young Blood
The Shams Band // I'm Not Sorry
Dharma Monkey Soundlabs // You're Burning Bridges, Baby 1
West Saeed // Just the Beginning
Volcanoes Make Islands // Time to Run
Derek Nelson and The Musicians // Die, Darlin'
TL Williams // Customer Service
Little Light // Shutter Speed
Tom Schraeder // When Language Deafened Tone
Magicks // Let's Go Home
Dastardly // Blue Dream

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