Sunday, September 9, 2012

DAY 9 // Chicago loves Pat Sansone and Mark Panick

Chicago Loves Pat Sansone and Mark Panick...

I'm very honored to have Pat Sansone of The Autumn Defense and Wilco as a part of "Chicago, I love you..." tonight. Pat is one of the rare artists that despite his fame or global recognition -- he remains a humble man who is always willing to give advice, play a song, DJ locally, or show his photography to hang. In 2010, Pat released 100 Polaroids, a self published  collection of photos that were taken over a 4 year span of touring the world. Overall Pat is what the modern artist should be - a genre-less artists who has worked with many artists such as Beck, Mavis Staples, Ryan Adams, Andrew Bird, Joseph Arthur and local Chicago band The Deserters. Here are a few videos from two of his projects, along with a great interview from his solo performance at Sundance. Pat will follow Mark Panick at 11.  

Autumn Defense - The Swallows of a London Town (Live)

Wilco - Impossible Germany

Live Interview at Sundance

Mark Panick will start the night of with a dj set. Mark has been working professionally since the beginning of the '80s when he was in the band Bonemen of Barumba. During the first half of the '80s, the Bonemen of Barumba released their first self-titled EP, while their second EP, Driving the Bats Through Jerusalem, and full-length, Icons, came out on the Chicago record label Fever. Panick then moved on to a more techno-influenced project, called Chac Mool, and has worked with a number of other artists, including the Revolting Cocks (he sang backup on "Crackin' Up"), and Nicholas Tremulis (Panick co-wrote his single "King of the Hill"). Tweet Mark @markpanick

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