Monday, December 23, 2013

An Album Residency...

The older I get the more I realize that the pursuit of following my dreams is more important than fulfilling music-industry standards to "make it." Five years ago, I performed a residency at Schubas every Monday for an entire month. That residency was one of the few times, where a venue didn't restrict me to performing only once a month and forever I'll respect Schubas for giving me that opportunity.

Five years later and we're in an industry that has rapidly changed. Records are streamed, opposed to bought; which leaves live shows and licensing as the two remaining substantial ways for artists to get compensated. This change has resulted in talent buyers around the states placing heavier contractual restrictions on artists; which leads to talent buyers having the final say on if artists can or cannot perform. As much as I understand the reasoning behind these restrictions - I was raised in the 90's under the impression that every band should perform as often as possible. So that's what I'm going to follow from here on out. 

January 9th will start my three month "Album Residency" at The Windy City Inn. Every Thursday I'll be performing one of my records in its entirety and joined by many songwriters who I greatly admire; many will be performing their own records in its entirety as well. So, my rant will end here. I love you. Till Thursday...

1.9 // DJ Scott Schaefer
1.16 // Gar Clemens 
1.23 // Kate Adams + Adam J. Mixson (Austin, Tx)
1.30 // Jeremy David Miller
2.6 // Danny Malone (Austin, Tx) + Angelina Lucero
2.13 // Curtis Evans + Brian Morrissey (Dirty Pigeons)
2.20 // Todd Kessler + Vivian Rae McConnell (Grandkids) 
2.27 // Cold Country + Ty Maxon 
March artists will be announced 2.1

10:00 // Mas (Unreleased Record) 
Receive a free album download of unreleased material with the ticket at the venue.

painting by Tom Schraeder & photo by Heather Parkin.
9:00 // DJ Scott Schaefer


10:00 // Dear Brooklyn, I'm Sorry...

9:00 PM // Gar Clemens


JAN 23 
10:30 // Sleep Well Queens

9:30 // Kate Adams 

9:00 // Adam Mixson (ATX)


JAN 30 
10:00 // Death of St.Thomas

9:00 // Jeremy David Miller performing "Lepus"


FEB 6  
10:30 // Lying Through Dinner 

11:00 // EGOISTE

 9:30 // Danny Malone performing his latest record Balloons.

9:00 // Angelina Lucero


FEB 13 
10:30 // Once Lace, Now Cotton 

9:30 PM Curtis Evans  


FEB 20 
11:00 // The Door, The Gutter, The Grave 

10:00 // TODD KESSLER 


FEB 27 
11:00 // GUSH - Wearing On Strangers (2014)

10:00 // Cold Country 

9:00 // TY MAXON

Only 60 tickets will be sold for each performance! Tickets will be available for purchase only at the show, day-of the performance at Windy City Inn. To reserve a ticket(s) please email your name, the amount of tickets (4 per person), and which performance you'd like to attend to...

Monday, September 30, 2013


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Oct 10 - 20

THURS // 10.10

12 Psalm One / 11 His Ego / 10 Grandkids (Acoustic set
Comedy of ChicagoMike Lebovitz / Joe Fernandez / Derek Smith / Drew Frees / 
 Danny Kallas


12 Monarchs // 11 Our Glass // 
10 Dana Lynn and The Dirty Creeps // 9 Jeff Brown // 
8 Dan Shaughnessy 

Simone'sChicago Loves House - Phunk One presents:

"Q and A" featuring Rocky Jones, Phunk One, Joe Rodriquez 

FRI // 10.11

UNDERGROUND LOUNGEChicago loves Hip Hop:
Cily, D and J Entertainment, Phunk One present:
 130 Brown Lucci / Doomsday / 1230 Bob Rok  / 12 Ang 13  / 1130 Microphone Misfitz / 11 Natureal / 1030 Blacky Chan / 10 Itylyon / 930 Big X / 9 Cochise Soulstar / 830 Lendell
 8 Visual / 730 Toxic Nonsense  
 Hosted by Shadowmaster

SAT // 10.12

12PM Handmade Market

Handmade Market is a unique event to connect the makers of beautiful things to people who appreciate the unique and handmade.
The Empty Bottle starts serving at noon, so feel free to shop with mimosas in hand. (We do encourage relaxed shopping.) You can also grab brunch at the tasty Bite Café next door. Markets include funky jewelry, glass pendants, knitted items, handbags, clothing, paper crafts and more.
Sustainable crafterness this is a regular monthly event. We strive to create a crafter's market, with affordable handmade, mostly local items. There are a ton of crafters in the city, and we try to make this accessible to up and coming designers, jewelry makers, and others. Come out and help support your monthly crafter's market.


SUN // 10.13
LILLY'S // Dundee Sunday's: A tribute to the late Tom Dundee
 Donna Adler, Norm Siegel, Byron Roche, Mick Scott, Chriss Farrell, Al Day, Andina and Rich, Maureen Brill, and Tom Schraeder pay tribute to a pioneer of the 70's songwriting scene, Tom Dundee. The event will conclude with an open invitation Hootenanny for all songwriters to join in on.

  11 The Studs / 10 Behold The Brave / 9 Mime Game / 8 The Minneapolis Henry's 
715 The Kuhls 
615 Razorhouse (Duo Set) / 515 Gar Clemens  / 
445 Big X and Caucasians  / 4 Bosco  

MON // 10.14 
Comedy of Chicago books a night of Chicago's finest stand-up comedy featuring...

9PM Q and A hosted by Marcus Gilmer of The Chicago Sun-Times featuring James Kamp (Comedy of Chicago) / Maggie Sargent (head of operations at LAUGH FACTORY) / Natalie Jose (one of Chicago's top stand up comics)

 Celebrating Chicago's oldest running Poetry Open Mic Night - 30 years

Splitballin: Comedy Improv Open Mi

TUES // 10.15
 Earphoria Open Mic 
Sign up at 8PM

10 Teenage Rage / 9 Mark Taylor / 815 Zach Nelson

WEDS // 10.16
LILLY'S // Chicago Jazz 
featuring Corbin Andrick and guests; 

WINDY CITY INN // Comedy of Chicago and Dan Moulder Presents
830 Rebecca O'neal / David Drake / Kyle Scanlan /
 Drew Frees / Jeanie Doogan

10 Bonzo Terks

THURS // 10.17
1145 Ang 13 / 11Weeping Willows (Duo Set) / 
10 Rebecca Rego and The Trainmen
915  Gia Margaret  / / 835 Julie Meckler / 
Angelina Lucero 

10 Stoop Goodnoise / 
8PM // Marcus Gilmer of The Chicago Sun-Times hosts a "Q and A" discussion about Chicago Music.

Julia Klee / Gussied / Capt. Captain 

 David Lee and Tim Fitz's Songwriters Circle

FRI // 10.18

11 First Jason / 10 The Orchidales / 9 Mystery Actions / 8 Fox and The Hounds

Charlie Price / Northside Paws

LILLY'S // Indie, etc.
 11 Shiloh  / 10 Tom Schraeder / 
Jim Bianco (LA)  / Comedy of Chicago  presents:

Amy Shanker / Bobby Hill / Odinaka Ezeokoli / Lara Beitz / Kolin Bohannon


SAT // 10.19


130 Flo Res   
1245 Girl Detective  
12 Magicks  
1025 Doomsday  
945 Dirty Pigeons 
TRANSISTOR // CILY featured film
Poster Boys documents two musicians who travel the country peddling pop culture posters to college students - a job they use to fund the production of an album they record while on the road. 

Two adventuring musicians, of the critically acclaimed and frequently blogged band King of Prussia, set out to record an album on the road. The catch - they have no money of their own and must use their traveling poster sales job to fund this ambitious recording project. 

Q and A with Director Patrick Burke
8pm and 10pm screening

Italians Do It Better VS DFA Night (Part X)Who will prevail? Who fuckin cares! Come dance the night away with some sweet, sweet tunes by LCD Soundsystem, Chromatics, The 2 Bears, Mike Simonetti, Shit Robot, Benoit & Sergio, The Crystal Ark, Glass Candy, Farah, Desire, Hot Chip and much more from the labels Italians Do It Better and DFA and some super hip Garage Disco!!

CHICAGO JOE'S // Acoustic Brunch
Charles Cameron (Great Lakes Trio)

SUN // 10.20
REDLINE TAP // A celebration of Rogers Park art and music
11 Toxic Nonsense  / Sarah Holtschlag and The Crosscuts / 9 Stroller / 8 Sergio Mayora

CILY Artists and Tastemaker Closing Party 


Shiloh - Sex and Risin
D-Nick The Microphone Misfitz - Abnormality
The Orchidales - Summertime Love
Bob Rok - Context
The Kuhls - Leavin' The Prairie
Forgotten Species - Boots All Summer
Natureal - Everything
Grandkids - Engines
Soft Speaker - A Troubled Summer
Itylyon - Sooner or Later
Julie Meckler - Forest
Doomsday - Chicago Cruising
Brighton MA - Good Kind Of Crazy
Mutts - Prizefighter

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