Tuesday, January 8, 2013

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Watch Music for 92 Days // '92 TALES' 

In celebration of our finished directors cut and webisodes -- we've decided to show the original '92 Tales' for 92 days. '92 Tales' is a head trip visual album Tom Schraeder / BAILOUT Pictures collaboration featuring some of Chicago's finest artists and performers including Dan Moulder, Mandy Modic, Sylar Brodie, Jeremy Scheuch, Phoenix Askani, Eric Quinlan, Mark The Knife Faje, Matthew Nurse, Maya Sinstress, Scott Schaffer, and the Chicago Outfit Roller Derby team.

Tom Schraeder in '92 Tales. Township Records ©

Produced by BAILOUT Pictures © 2011

Directed by Felix Pineiro
Cinematography by Herman Asph
Magic by Alex Bonner

Special thanks to Ramiro Castro from Big Dog Eat Child © 

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