Thursday, January 17, 2013


'Dear Brooklyn,  I'm Sorry...'

photography by Heather Parkin

In the thick of the season of stillness and confined anxieties Tom Schraeder has taken a turn in his career that explores the isolation felt from the lack of motivation and communication. Winter depression can be debilitating, stifling the works of even the greatest artists, but rather than succumb to this suppression Schraeder has sought to capture it and have the work itself embody the solitude and separation. Dear Brooklyn, I’m Sorry…, the title of his latest collection of songs, is an exploration for Schraeder away from his more familiar terrain of acoustic based Americana. Previously compared by some to Gram Parsons Schraeder knew that his embrace of seasonal depression and grey ambiance was something he should explore. He has a need to continually improve and improvise the direction of his work. With an almost manic desperation, Schraeder aims to distill his feelings, even when these feelings contradict his manic motivation, producing languid melodies of sadness and quiet contemplation. Once, after playing the Chicago Country Festival, he was approached by a few fans who were a little surprised by the direction of his latest songs. The prospect of catching his fans off guard and producing music that, in the minds of some, radically departed from expected norms greatly intrigued Schraeder.


released 17 January 2010 
artwork by Heather Parkin
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