Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chicago, I love you 2013 // Announcement Party // $0

Chicago, I love you...2013 // FREE SHOW // 2.1 (TOMORROW)

"The Kickback" photography by Ross Bacon
Chicago, I love you...2012 was a 30-day festival featuring over 300 artists all united to strengthen the local arts community within Chicago. Today we celebrate the festival continuing into 2013 with a free show featuring Chicago, I love you performers The Kickback, Tom Schraeder, Gabe Liebowitz (Dastardly), and Lydia Pallazallo. This will be the only place to find out what the exact plan is for 2013 until this Spring. Along with the performances, We'll be listening to local music all night to celebrate all that is in store this coming fall. Chicago, I still love you...most of the time.

11:00 // The Kickback

10:15 // Tom Schraeder

9:30 // Gabe Liebowitz (Dastardly) 

9:00 // Lydia Palazzolo


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