Monday, August 12, 2013


Border Oak Cafe is the next leg of the journey for the team that brought you Tuesday Night Dinner underground supper club. For the past three and a half years, Tuesday Night Dinner (TND) has hosted communal pop-up food events at a multitude of locations all across Chicago. A historic mansion, underground art lofts, local restaurants, and a secret convent garden are just a handful of places we have hosted our events. By drawing inspiration from our city’s food history and culture, we have crafted meals that attempt to pay homage to the spirit of community and approachable deliciousness. Pulling from this same spirit as TND, Border Oak will be our first attempt at a brick and mortar establishment. While TND has focused on the cuisine of the city, Border Oak will look outwards to the Midwest and the greater American Midlands for inspiration. We will focus on delicious and accessible food, with particular attention paid to quality of ingredients, precision of technique, and grounding in the food traditions from the city, the Midwest, and the greater American midlands.. We will create an atmosphere that is welcoming, comfortable, and community minded with the goal of creating the most enjoyable experience possible for our guests.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Chicago, I love you...FREE WEEK 2013

Chicago, I love you...and Do312's "FREE WEEK" is a 10-day, entirely free festival celebrating over 500 Chicago artists; in art, photography, film, literature, comedy, music, and theater spread through-out 50 venues across the Chicagoland area between October 10-20.

Each showcase will offer various genres of art, featuring panel discussions, screenings of international award winning films, live-art, stand up comedy, and performance and visual art from more than 500 local/native artists.

In Chicago, all art scenes maintain great vibrancy and globally recognized independent expression. However, very few local events highlight many of these local artists genres at one time, and in one setting. In providing an opportunity for networking and platform for performance, Chicago, I love you intends to fuel a locals arts renaissance and some well-deserved local and global recognition. 

As the American center of the arts, "Free Week" will generate a local support between business owners, artists, and Chicagoans -- all while coalescing and cross pollinating the arts scene to form a unified front across the city we love; and all for free.