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Oct 10 - 20

THURS // 10.10

12 Psalm One / 11 His Ego / 10 Grandkids (Acoustic set
Comedy of ChicagoMike Lebovitz / Joe Fernandez / Derek Smith / Drew Frees / 
 Danny Kallas


12 Monarchs // 11 Our Glass // 
10 Dana Lynn and The Dirty Creeps // 9 Jeff Brown // 
8 Dan Shaughnessy 

Simone'sChicago Loves House - Phunk One presents:

"Q and A" featuring Rocky Jones, Phunk One, Joe Rodriquez 

FRI // 10.11

UNDERGROUND LOUNGEChicago loves Hip Hop:
Cily, D and J Entertainment, Phunk One present:
 130 Brown Lucci / Doomsday / 1230 Bob Rok  / 12 Ang 13  / 1130 Microphone Misfitz / 11 Natureal / 1030 Blacky Chan / 10 Itylyon / 930 Big X / 9 Cochise Soulstar / 830 Lendell
 8 Visual / 730 Toxic Nonsense  
 Hosted by Shadowmaster

SAT // 10.12

12PM Handmade Market

Handmade Market is a unique event to connect the makers of beautiful things to people who appreciate the unique and handmade.
The Empty Bottle starts serving at noon, so feel free to shop with mimosas in hand. (We do encourage relaxed shopping.) You can also grab brunch at the tasty Bite CafĂ© next door. Markets include funky jewelry, glass pendants, knitted items, handbags, clothing, paper crafts and more.
Sustainable crafterness this is a regular monthly event. We strive to create a crafter's market, with affordable handmade, mostly local items. There are a ton of crafters in the city, and we try to make this accessible to up and coming designers, jewelry makers, and others. Come out and help support your monthly crafter's market.


SUN // 10.13
LILLY'S // Dundee Sunday's: A tribute to the late Tom Dundee
 Donna Adler, Norm Siegel, Byron Roche, Mick Scott, Chriss Farrell, Al Day, Andina and Rich, Maureen Brill, and Tom Schraeder pay tribute to a pioneer of the 70's songwriting scene, Tom Dundee. The event will conclude with an open invitation Hootenanny for all songwriters to join in on.

  11 The Studs / 10 Behold The Brave / 9 Mime Game / 8 The Minneapolis Henry's 
715 The Kuhls 
615 Razorhouse (Duo Set) / 515 Gar Clemens  / 
445 Big X and Caucasians  / 4 Bosco  

MON // 10.14 
Comedy of Chicago books a night of Chicago's finest stand-up comedy featuring...

9PM Q and A hosted by Marcus Gilmer of The Chicago Sun-Times featuring James Kamp (Comedy of Chicago) / Maggie Sargent (head of operations at LAUGH FACTORY) / Natalie Jose (one of Chicago's top stand up comics)

 Celebrating Chicago's oldest running Poetry Open Mic Night - 30 years

Splitballin: Comedy Improv Open Mi

TUES // 10.15
 Earphoria Open Mic 
Sign up at 8PM

10 Teenage Rage / 9 Mark Taylor / 815 Zach Nelson

WEDS // 10.16
LILLY'S // Chicago Jazz 
featuring Corbin Andrick and guests; 

WINDY CITY INN // Comedy of Chicago and Dan Moulder Presents
830 Rebecca O'neal / David Drake / Kyle Scanlan /
 Drew Frees / Jeanie Doogan

10 Bonzo Terks

THURS // 10.17
1145 Ang 13 / 11Weeping Willows (Duo Set) / 
10 Rebecca Rego and The Trainmen
915  Gia Margaret  / / 835 Julie Meckler / 
Angelina Lucero 

10 Stoop Goodnoise / 
8PM // Marcus Gilmer of The Chicago Sun-Times hosts a "Q and A" discussion about Chicago Music.

Julia Klee / Gussied / Capt. Captain 

 David Lee and Tim Fitz's Songwriters Circle

FRI // 10.18

11 First Jason / 10 The Orchidales / 9 Mystery Actions / 8 Fox and The Hounds

Charlie Price / Northside Paws

LILLY'S // Indie, etc.
 11 Shiloh  / 10 Tom Schraeder / 
Jim Bianco (LA)  / Comedy of Chicago  presents:

Amy Shanker / Bobby Hill / Odinaka Ezeokoli / Lara Beitz / Kolin Bohannon


SAT // 10.19


130 Flo Res   
1245 Girl Detective  
12 Magicks  
1025 Doomsday  
945 Dirty Pigeons 
TRANSISTOR // CILY featured film
Poster Boys documents two musicians who travel the country peddling pop culture posters to college students - a job they use to fund the production of an album they record while on the road. 

Two adventuring musicians, of the critically acclaimed and frequently blogged band King of Prussia, set out to record an album on the road. The catch - they have no money of their own and must use their traveling poster sales job to fund this ambitious recording project. 

Q and A with Director Patrick Burke
8pm and 10pm screening

Italians Do It Better VS DFA Night (Part X)Who will prevail? Who fuckin cares! Come dance the night away with some sweet, sweet tunes by LCD Soundsystem, Chromatics, The 2 Bears, Mike Simonetti, Shit Robot, Benoit & Sergio, The Crystal Ark, Glass Candy, Farah, Desire, Hot Chip and much more from the labels Italians Do It Better and DFA and some super hip Garage Disco!!

CHICAGO JOE'S // Acoustic Brunch
Charles Cameron (Great Lakes Trio)

SUN // 10.20
REDLINE TAP // A celebration of Rogers Park art and music
11 Toxic Nonsense  / Sarah Holtschlag and The Crosscuts / 9 Stroller / 8 Sergio Mayora

CILY Artists and Tastemaker Closing Party 


Shiloh - Sex and Risin
D-Nick The Microphone Misfitz - Abnormality
The Orchidales - Summertime Love
Bob Rok - Context
The Kuhls - Leavin' The Prairie
Forgotten Species - Boots All Summer
Natureal - Everything
Grandkids - Engines
Soft Speaker - A Troubled Summer
Itylyon - Sooner or Later
Julie Meckler - Forest
Doomsday - Chicago Cruising
Brighton MA - Good Kind Of Crazy
Mutts - Prizefighter

RSVP at:

10.10 // Cole's // Chicago, I love you FREE WEEK: Launch Party

Chicago rapper Psalm One was born Christalle Bowen in the Windy City suburb of Englewood, where as a teen she sang in her church choir and studied a variety of musical instruments. She discovered hip-hop in middle school, witnessing fledgling rappers like Common and All Natural at local events, and while studying chemistry at the University of Illinois, she made her performing debut at a student union showcase. Adopting the moniker Psalm One, Bowen recorded her 2001 debut EP, Whippersnapper, during her junior year. She also guested on the Nacrobats' "Simply Beautiful," issued on the Pugslee Atomz-produced Chicago hip-hop compilation Network of Stars. Prior to graduation, Psalm One issued her first full-length effort, 2002's Bio: Chemistry, before returning to Chicago to work as a chemist in a food safety laboratory. She nevertheless continued to moonlight as a rapper, in the fall of 2002 joining the Nacrobats full-time in addition to issuing a solo EP, Personal Surplus. After the group dissolved the following summer, Psalm One continued collaborating with fellow Nacrobats alum Overflo, beginning work on her first record for new label Rhymesayers, 2006'sThe Death of Frequent Flyer. In the interim, in late 2004 the Birthwrite label issued a revamped Bio: Chemistry, titled Bio: Chemistry II: Esters and Essays, while the rapper toured as an opener for Del tha Funkee Homosapien.

Vivian McConnell formed Grandkids with guitarist Evan Metz, whose acquaintance she made during mandatory alcohol awareness class at the University of Illinois; Adam Gorcowski, a classically trained cellist who lived above her dorm room freshman year; and drummer Phillip Sudderberg, a friend of her two older brothers who she convinced to join the project while they were washing dishes together one night. Grandkids took shape quickly, with each member’s particular skills and contributions creating a lush and buoyant base for McConnell’s evocative vocals. Chris Davies of Champaign-Urbana culture outlet Smile Politely noted that McConnell’s “voice has a deep, sultry quality to it, like Erika Wennerstrom of Heartless Bastards or Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak. McConnell possesses wider range than either of those two, however, which makes Grandkids’ music a bit gentler and even more pleasing.”
Grandkids produced three EPs of material, honing and focusing their various influences into a unique and gradually maturing sound, and with the recent release of their debut full-length Timeshare, Grandkids have crafted a fully-fleshed-out and complete work, about which Buzz Weekly wrote, “Timeshare [is] less of a culmination of past efforts and more a cohesive coming-of-age mantra.”
The band is hitting the road this September to promote the physical release of Timeshare on vinyl and CD through Heirship Records and Jurassic Pop. praised the debut, saying that “bright imagery combined with a vast, expansive sonic landscape produces a charming confidence without being pretentious.”
Grandkids performed at SXSW this past March, have been interviewed by Paste Magazine for a “Best of What’s Next” feature in the August 2012 Issue, were highlighted as a one of Paste’s “10 Illinois Bands You Should Listen To Now”, and were recognized by Smile Politely in their annual mid-year best-of awards as Best Band of 2013 with their album Timeshare honored with Best Album of 2013.
They’ve recorded a WEFT session, have performed at Dunn Dunn Fest in Chicago last January and at Pygmalion festival multiple times, and will be closing out their fall tour with another Pygmalion appearance. McConnell admits of the festival, “Sometimes I wake up and it’s all I can think about. I’ve even come to associate Pygmalion with the whole season of Autumn — cider and leaves and sweaters and all.”
The band is known for compelling live performances. In this review of Grandkids’ opening set for Murder By Death, Smile Politely observes that “Vivian McConnell sings with her shoulders; Evan Metz’s guitars got that chillwave-meets-Fugazi thing going; Adam Gorcowski’s deft maneuvering between basslines and melodies enthralls; and of course, Phil Sudderberg’s drumming is so steady you don’t much notice him until he really lets loose — then you very much do.”
McConnell is also a member of Chicago band Santah, in which she plays guitar and sings alongside her brother Stan, which comes with its share of scheduling difficulties. In an interview with Bonnie Stiernberg of Paste Magazine, McConnell reveals “It’s been a trip. I mean, I can say there are some times when I do not want to travel and I’d love to stay in the same place for at least two weeks at a time, but this is my lifestyle right now…I’m really happy for it and grateful for it, because I’m always moving, I’m always meeting new people.”
Timeshare, recorded at Pieholden Suite Sound in Chicago and mastered right in their neighborhood by Jonathon Pines of Private Studios and featuring stunning artwork by A.B. Moore, is the tangible result of Grandkids coming into their own and embodying McConnell’s call to courageousness, as she sings in Timeshare’s title track, “and who is afraid of the glow they are made of? It starts in our humble core and shines through our gentle pores.”
See Grandkids on tour throughout September in support of their debut album Timeshare, available on vinyl, CD, and as a digital download through Heirship Records and Jurassic Pop.