Monday, September 9, 2013


Chicago, I love you...and Do312's "Chicago, I love you…FREE WEEK" is a 10-day, entirely free arts and culture festival celebrating over 500 Chicago local artists; spread throughout 50 venues across the Chicagoland area, between October 10-20. Each showcase will feature various genres of music by celebrating the cities in-depth catalogue of indie-rock, electronic, hip-hop, jazz, blues, soul, house, folk, alt-country, and punk; accompanied by panel discussions, screenings of local/international award winning films, stand up comedy, theater performances, visual/performance art, poetry, and photography. As the American center of the arts, “Chicago, I love you… Free Week" intends to generate a local support between business owners, artists, and the community; all while coalescing and cross pollinating the arts scene to form a unified front across the city we love.  

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