Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dear Austin...


I have a way of stretching things to their limits. Five years ago, after missing my flight home, I turned a 3-day trek to SXSW 2008 into a 6-week tour of the couches, floors, and even sought out a homeless shelter for a night in your city. With little concern for the trappings of a comfortable life, the stories flowed freely from the people I had met, and something remarkable began to take shape: this unplanned sabbatical prompted my next record. Lying Through Dinner ended up being a stark, and honest, departure from 2007's The Door, the Gutter, the GraveEntirely written, arranged, recorded, mixed, and mastered over the course of my stay in Texas; while mostly living and writing with that Danny Malone gentleman. During that time, I met some of the most beautiful songwriters I had heard to date: Dana Falconberry, Leatherbag, Graham WilkinsonGraham Weber, Jesse Woods, Brothers and Sisters; it all began when a friend was unable to get me from the airport. Danny came to the rescue, picked me up and within an hour we were at his place song-trading. This resulted many endless nights of drinking, early twenties partying, discovering Austin, eating breakfast tacos, writing, and studying your love for Americana and pysch. After weeks of writing -- Danny and I joined engineer Matt Smith at Hot Tracks!!! in East Austin to capture 17 minutes of analog infused barroom piano, buzzing Telecasters, marching bands, barking dogs, clinking glasses, and textured profanity. Since recording Lying Through Dinner -- I've gone onto record a few more records in your city: 92 Tales, Once Lace, Now Cotton, Egoiste and even released these albums with Austin label Township Records. It's been five years since Austin turned me "weird." From addiction to love - you're always apart of me. 


6709 King's Point West, 78723
9.11 // 8pm // with Kate Adams, Joanna Barbera, J Wesley Haynes Trio
Limit 50 people

7th and Red River Street, Austin, TX
9.12 // 9pm // with Jesse Woods and Max Jeffers
Doors 9pm - $4 ADV / $5 @ the Door (21+) or say "Circus"DO512

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